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Wednesday, May 07, 2014
LESSONS FROM A ZEN GARDEN by guest blogger Karen Maezen Miller, author of PARADISE IN PLAIN SIGHT
By New World Library

In the early summer of 1997, my husband and I found ourselves in the backyard of an empty house on a quiet street in Sierra Madre, a suburb of Los Angeles. The backyard was Southern California’s oldest private Japanese garden, an oasis of ponds and pines that had stood mostly intact since 1916. It seemed like paradise with our name written all over it. We knew in our bones that the place could only be ours, and with it, the little house alongside it. The next day we put money down and a month later, moved in.


nature & the environment
Thursday, April 14, 2011
Six Reasons to Expand Your Compassion Footprint
By Marc Bekoff

Our relationships with nonhuman animals are complicated, frustrating, ambiguous, and paradoxical. When people tell me that they love animals and then harm or kill them, I tell them I’m glad they don’t love me. We observe animals, gawk at them in wonder, experiment on them, eat them, wear them, write about them, draw and paint them, move them from here to there as we “redecorate nature.”

People are starting to pay attention to their carbon footprint — how their lifestyle choices tread on the earth. We need to also pay attention to our compassion footprint. In their own ways, animals are constantly asking us to treat them better or leave them alone, and they’re fully justified in making this request. If they could put the request into words, what might their manifesto look like?


nature & the environment, animals
Thursday, October 07, 2010
50 Ways Bikes Will Transform the World
By Jason Gardner

Books about ways we can improve our environment make up a small but important part of New World Library’s list. As an acquisitions editor, I’m always looking for positive environmental book ideas. In the San Francisco Bay Area, and other North American cities, it’s becoming more and more obvious that a quiet revolution is taking hold.


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Tuesday, June 15, 2010
By New World Library

“Though it was early April, barely past the last frost, under Jackie’s hand two hundred varieties of plants sprang from the ground in manic glory....”


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Monday, May 24, 2010
Joanna Macy and the Great Turning
By New World Library

Two weeks ago, NWL Senior Graphic Designer Tracy Cunningham and I attended a talk with Joanna Macy, renowned environmental activist, Buddhist, and future New World Library author.

Tracy and I had both read Joanna’s memoir, Widening Circles, and after listening to a recording of her speaking with Bill Plotkin, we knew she was an incredibly moving and inspiring speaker. As the event’s organizer and co-speaker, Jonathan Gustin, remarked, some people can transmit their life’s purpose simply through their presence; Joanna Macy is definitely one of those people. She has a powerful aura of joy, deep caring, and immense love for the world.


nature & the environment, current affairs
Tuesday, April 20, 2010
London Book Fair, Interrupted
By New World Library

As a result of the extraordinary air travel restrictions due to the spreading cloud of volcanic ash from the eruption in Iceland, New World Library’s Associate Publisher, Munro Magruder, and I were unable to make it to the London Book Fair this year. We officially pulled the plug on our plans last Friday after our evening flight was cancelled and all direct flights from San Francisco to London were showing zero availability for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.


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